Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My first tattoo!!!!

WOW!! Where do I start? I have always loved tattoos....on OTHER people. I have always "thought" about getting one but just couldn't do it because it was just TOO permanent. After going through cancer, I kind of thought about getting a breast cancer ribbon but just didn't want to be like everyone else. So, my best friend and I decided a long time ago that if we ever got one, we would get one together.

I occasionally look at tattoos but just haven't ever seen any I liked enough to permanently put on my body. I was researching some things the other day online and came across "The Semi-colon project". OMG!! I couldn't believe I had NEVER heard of this!! Here is an excerpt that I read...

"A semicolon is used when an author could have ended a sentence but decided not to. I am the author and the sentence is my life."

Although I was the one that decided to take my life, God decided not to. The moment I saw this, I immediately sent a text my bestie and said "LET'S DO THIS!!" At the time, I had every intention of just getting the semi-colon on my wrist. Throughout the day, on the day we had our appointments to get them done, I just couldn't stop thinking of my life and how much meaning this tattoo would have. Anyone who knows me knows that I DO NOT like to follow the crowd. I like creating a path of my own. I like creating and defining myself. So, I just kept thinking of other ideas and knew it would be different but I wanted it to have a very deep meaning. And I just had to incorporate a ribbon somehow for breast cancer.  

When sharing my story I always start it by saying "I am a breast cancer and suicide survivor". So, I knew I needed the word survivor in the tattoo. I also like the infinity symbol but I don't really believe anything lasts forever. I also like the ribbon but don't like the Pepto color at all and just don't like the full ribbon. So my oldest daughter got to drawing. She incorporated EVERYTHING that I was thinking into this amazing tattoo!!

After I got out of the hospital, I obviously told those close to me how sorry I was for trying to commit suicide. I know both of my daughters were upset by what I did but I think I hurt my oldest very deeply and it made her very afraid I might do it again. I told her so many times I was sorry and although I knew that she knew on some level how terrible I felt about it, she was still very wounded. 

So, I can't even begin to put into words what it was like for HER to design something that would go on my body and stay there FOREVER. It brought so much healing to both of us. God is just so good. He works ALL things together for our good.

Another VERY cool thing is that I have never had a logo created for Feel the Tatas because I just didn't want another breast cancer ribbon. But this will now become my logo for Feel the Tatas and Sewing for Tatas. So, Survivor Warrior will be replaced with the other words!!!! I'm SO excited how this is all coming together!! 

Here are some pics!! 

Tattoo artist: 
Cam Yeomans
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Getting it ready to go! 
About to get started
The easy part!!
Sharing our testimonies
SO content with my decision
From thought to reality!

Finished product!!