Thursday, March 24, 2011

I've been sitting here this morning spending my morning with the Lord. I try to do this most days but not like this morning. This morning has been different. Today I prayed over my home, my current battles in life, my children, my church, my leaders, and many others. Before getting into his word I asked "What do you want me to hear from you today". Not long after I felt lead to just worship him. 

When I heard about the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, I was in Oklahoma with one of my very best friends in the whole world trying to comfort her for she had just lost her baby. A baby she spent years trying to conceive. And by years I mean YEARS. She has endured tests, procedures, medicine, waiting, and finally all the money it took to do In Vitro Fertilization. She got pregnant with a sweet baby boy named Zachary Aaron. For some reason, he went to be with Jesus when she was 6 months pregnant. 

I too have had earthquakes in my life that have been followed by Tsunami's. Have you as well? Can you relate? You know, when an earthquake or any major disaster occurs, mass panic and chaos follow. We can't really think straight and can't see past what is happening at that moment. We might make some really poor choices mainly because we just don't know what to do but SOMETHING must be done. 

I am finding in my own life that after the dust settles and we are still brokenhearted and still don't know what to do, we have to turn to God. Sometimes that can be so hard when the enemy wants so desperately for us to feel hopeless. No matter what you may be enduring today, just start to worship God and praise him. You might not be able to start out strong even. Just lift your hands in surrender to him and lay your burdens at his feet. God can take the truth, our sadness, our anger, our bitterness, our grief, our fears and turn them around. If we fill ourselves up with God, with praises that pour out to him, then when disaster strikes, God and praises are what will spill out of us instead of fear, anger, despair and such. 

I don't know what your struggles are today. Maybe you were just diagnosed. Maybe you have no idea where your next meal is coming from. Maybe you just lost someone you love dearly. Maybe you have wondered far from the Lord. Maybe you have had a recurrence. Whatever it is, all you do know is that it makes absolutely no sense for it to be happening. I believe that God gives us friends to help carry our burdens. But I believe with all my heart that true healing can only come when we go to the true friend that is closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24). The one who knows our innermost being. God is the only one who KNOWS us. He made us! He loves us more than we can ever imagine. The love he has for us is something we will never be able to fathom. I know some days our circumstances might make it appear like how can God love me and yet let me go through this? I understand. I have felt like that many, many times.

My friend, the midst of your storm, worship him. Talk to him. Let him wrap HIS arms around you and give you comfort. When you do this and you feel absolutely nothing, don't give up! You will be getting closer to the Father. Right when you feel like giving up is right when you are so close to your breakthrough!! I want to leave you with some links to my most favorite worship songs. They are the songs I turn to when I desperately need to feel God's presence.

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Princess Warrior

My Princess Warrior

I just had to share my devotion from today out of "His Princess Warrior" by Sheri Rose Shepherd

Praise Through the Pain

My Princess Warrior
I will not waste your pain, My beloved. I will
use every tear you have cried to put a passion in your 
heart to do something great for My
Kingdom. You can find comfort in your darkest hour
by praising Me through the painful place
you are in. You will not remain in this
painful place for long, My love. Soon you will see that,
through it all, I carved something in
your character that will draw you and others
closer to Me. You are My precious Princess, and I will 
shake the earth if that is what 
it takes to see your chains fall to the ground.

Your Lord who feels your pain.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sewing for Tata's

"Sewing for Tata's"

Just wanted to update everyone on my "Sewing for Tata's" ministry. I now have 5 volunteers to sew and I have had 4 sewing machines donated!! We had our first sewing group last month and basically the majority of the time was trying to help me try to figure out how in the world to sew!! Everyone else are VERY experienced. They were so nice and patient with me. I just really enjoyed myself. 

It takes 3 yards of material to make one gown. I put this info out to everyone and did not have a great response. SO, I started praying and talking to the rest of the group and here is what I have decided. This is basically my dream. I want to share it with you. Below is what I hope to grow this ministry into.
  1. I would LOVE for this ENTIRE ministry to be ran on 100% donations.
  2. I would like to make a website that has a link to my blog. On the website I would really like to offer pillows for women to use after mastectomies, bandanas/doo rags, hospital gowns with "" in the label as well as pockets on the inside and outside of the gown. The pockets on the inside will hold drain tube bulbs and you can't even begin to imagine how helpful this would be for patients!! 
  3. I would like to start something like TOMS. Anyone could go to the website and purchase a hospital gown. It would be a buy a gown give a gown to a breast cancer patient. Same on the bandanas.
  4. I would also sell Breast Cancer items. When I was diagnosed, I couldn't get enough pink or enough pink ribbon items!
In order to do all this I am going to need some major help!! Do you feel led to help me in this endeavor? If so, PLEASE contact me!!!! Below are some things I need.

  1. Any advice on obtaining a copyright for...." and for "sewingfortatas"
  2. Any advice for obtaining a 5013C
  3. It will take 18" X 18" - 36" x 36" piece of fabric to make a perfect size bandana/doo rag.
  4. It will take, I am guessing about a 16"x 16" to make the pillows. I will give each patient two pillows.
  5. It takes 3 yards to make a hospital gown.
  6. We can always use extra off white thread.
  7. We use double fold bias tape or grosgrain ribbon. As much as we can get!
  8. I can also use extra sewing machines and extra sewers!!
  9. Any material donation we can get and as soon as possible would be a HUGE blessing!!!!!
That is all I can think of for now. PLEASE e-mail me with any ideas you have or if you want to help out in any way. I would greatly, greatly appreciate it!!!!!

Love to you all!! Sorry for the inconsistencies in blogging and keeping it updated. I am back on track!!!!