Sewing for Tatas

"Sewing for TaTas"

After I was diagnosed with cancer and I went for one of my first doctor appointments, I had to put on a dingy hospital gown. I will never forget this day as long as I live. My first thought was that there was no telling how many people have worn this gown before me that are now deceased. I felt like I had no dignity. 
Out of this experience was born "Sewing for Tatas".  I asked a friend if I were to go pick out some material would she sew some gowns for me and she did! I loved them and just loved being able to say that I had my very own gown when I went to the doctor. No more old worn out gowns or paper gowns.

My vision for "Sewing for Tatas" is to have ladies making gowns all over the world and then sending them to us to distribute to female cancer patients. I am an 18 month survivor myself.

How can you help?

            We need donations of thread, pretty material preferably in variations of pink and some with pink ribbons, matching grosgrain ribbon or double fold bias tape.

            We also need people who can sew! If you can't donate but would love to sew the gowns, that is fine too. Or you can do both, whatever you like.

            Are you newly diagnosed or currently undergoing treatment? If you would like a gown, please contact Kelley at