Saturday, August 31, 2013

Girl please, you know your name is Jezebel!!

I may not be a lot of things but one thing I know for sure is that I am very self-aware. I enjoy reflecting on where I'm at and trying to seek The Lord on how I can be better in that area.

I was doing some of that reflecting earlier this week. A guy at work had been gone for a few days and the second me and co-worker saw him walk in, we didn't even say hello, we just started telling him what we needed. His response was, "Wow, so I don't even get an I miss you or anything? Y'all just want me to do stuff?"

Immediately at that very moment I realized that that was exactly what I did to my husband quite frequently. I'd go as far to say maybe over 70% of the time. 

Now that I am single, there are guys everywhere that are so flirty. And which ones are the worst offenders? All the married guys. I'm always interested in knowing why they do this. I know it's what my husband did and I know it's rampant in the workplace.

When posed this question, the answer is always the same. They say because they can just have a normal conversation and not have to talk about work and bills and stressful stuff AND that they feel like you care and are genuinely interested in what they are saying. 

That got me to thinking. And ya know, I could rip a guy to shreds over that kind of response. But you know what? Instead, I took it to heart. So if you are married, acknowledge your husband. Listen to what they say with your full attention, let them unwind and chill out for a little bit when they get home. 

Learn from my own mistakes, take it upon YOURSELF to step up and do the right thing without waiting for them to...just be the bigger person.

Don't be a hard headed beotch and wait until its too late to fix it. Don't let that ever controlling, manipulating, scheming, "Jezebel" side of you win!! Don't pay ALL your attention to everything their doing wrong, which could be a whole laundry list, but focus on YOUR part and do what YOU can do. Then, let God take care of the rest!!