Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kelley's SHUT YO MOUTH Challenge!!

Isn't it just like God to smack you upside your head with truth from the word that you NEVER even knew was there!?!?I spent last week fasting and praying about some different things going on right now in my life. One of the "words" I thought I was getting from the Lord was that I really need to learn to keep my mouth shut. Ouch! Don't you just love it when you are praying with all your heart for someone else and then God shows you how YOU need to change?! So, last week I started trying to put this into practice and I ended up having the best week I have had this entire year!

Last year, I did a 30 day "Worry-free" challenge with a couple of my friends. So today I started thinking if I could do a "Shut My Mouth" challenge or not. Well, as I started thinking about how difficult it would be I really sensed the Holy Spirit telling me that for the challenge, if it is not something that absolutely builds up, encourages, edifies and uplifts the person I am speaking to then it just doesn't need to be said.

You know how it is when you start something...you always say you will start the next day or on Monday, right? So, I decided I will start tomorrow! But seriously, all throughout the day today I started not only thinking about what I say but also what I am "thinking" about saying. Whoa!! I think some not so nice things!! I really felt SO convicted! I started to know without a doubt that this was in fact what God was calling me to do.

As a final confirmation, when I came home and was looking on Facebook, a friend of mine posted as his status the following scripture.

Proverbs 17:28:

Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue.

SO...that was all I needed to go ahead and start the challenge this very day! Will you join me? I KNOW without a doubt that God is going to do a work in me throughout the next 30 days as I do this challenge. But I wonder how much it will effect OTHERS in my life and how much it will change my relationships. I have a feeling that at first, I won't be saying much!! But I expect BIG things from my GOD! I expect that HE will give me the words to edify each person I come into contact with and it will bless them tremendously and myself as well. I think I am going to make this a challenge to my children as well. I can't wait to see how it goes and what God does. ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE???? ARE YOU READY TO SHUT YO MOUTH????

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