Friday, December 18, 2015

Change Your Password, Change Your Life!!

It is only when the mind is free from the old that it meets everything anew, and in that there is joy.” 

I work with clients all the time who have limiting beliefs. Towards the end of the process I take them through, we change those beliefs to new ones that they "wish" they had. I then ask them to say those new beliefs to themselves at least 200 or more times a day. 

Nearly 100% do not believe that it will work. For instance, if I have someone who has told themselves their entire lives "I am not good enough," and they have done it repeatedly and completely believe it, they will have a very hard time believing that by just saying, "I am good enough" enough times that it will actually work and change their inner and outer world. 

It's funny because it sure worked beautifully when saying the negative thought over and over! Two days ago, I changed the password on my iphone. I have used the old password on my phones since my very first cell phone ever. For two days now, I STILL keep entering the WRONG password. And every single time that the phone shakes and I only then realize I put in the old password do I remember that I changed my password. 

You see, I have done this over and over and over SO many consecutive times each and every single day that my brain has actually formed a neural pathway. It has learned that old password SO good that I don't have to remember it, literally when I pick up my phone, that pathway get itself into motion without me doing anything at all!! 

While learning about neuroscience, I discovered that each one of us has the ability to create a NEW pathway and completely rid ourselves of the old one. It is through repetition. So what's happened is, today a few times, I have only entered 2 of the 4 numbers of my old password before realizing that I need to put the new one. Probably by tomorrow I'll only forget a couple of times. And by the next day, not at all. Within a few weeks though, when I pick up my phone, that old password (way of thinking) and the memory of even needing to put in a new password will flee my mind. 

The old pathway will no longer be "fired" or triggered at all. In a sense, it will die. BUT, a new pathway will have formed, the one I WANTED to form and all will be well. 

SO yes, if you say something or do something enough times repeatedly and consistently, YOU too can change your beliefs. Thinking to yourself that you are "Not good enough" is the NUMBER ONE limiting belief that we all have. 

So give it a try, tell yourself "I  AM GOOD ENOUGH!!" Say it to yourself over and over and over! Even when you don't believe it. Remember, you have told yourself the opposite for so very long that you believe it now. You are changing your brain, but it is going to take you some time. In doing this, you will start noticing people start to treat you better. Why? Because YOU are treating yourself better!!

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