Monday, April 4, 2011

Breaking News...

NO...I'm not pregnant! Ha, ha! On with the news....nine years ago, we lived in Atlanta, GA. We went to the most amazing church we had ever been a part of and we met our very best friends. After September 11th, the start-up company Deryl worked for went under. He searched so hard for work there were just no technology jobs available there. He ended up getting an offer here in Texas and we had no choice but to take it.

We absolutely hated leaving Georgia, our church and our best friends. Deryl has attempted many times to look for a job back there over the years to no avail. Some of you may know that at the beginning of February, Deryl & I hit a very rough patch in our marriage. The roughest that we have ever faced. Facing the physical side of cancer was the easy part. The real challenge started when my treatment ended. It took its toll and the enemy used it in a major way against us in ways neither one of us could have ever anticipated.

Last week out of the clear blue, Deryl got a phone call from an old boss. He was calling Deryl for prayer. Through that phone call it came up that they were looking for a sales manager and asked Deryl if he might be interested. Within a matter of days, he had two phone interviews and was offered the position. The day before, we found out that we would be losing a big chunk of our monthly income. Literally, within 24 hours the offer came in and it covered the amount we were going to lose! Oh God is so faithful!! 

In my last post, I mentioned how things can appear so horrible, so tragic just before your breakthrough. And oh how prophetic that was!! The job is in Suwanee, GA just outside of Alpharetta. Deryl starts on April 19th and we leave NEXT FRIDAY!! We couldn't be more excited. God has opened doors, provided abundantly, my insurance will be covered with all my pre-existing cancer totally covered, and so much more. 

Please forgive us for everyone who is having to hear this news here on our blog. But this has always been our way of keeping everyone "abreast" of what is going on in our lives. This has all happened so fast that we have not had any time to stop and contact our closest friends. I had surgery a week ago today, he got the offer last Friday and we leave next Friday. We are trying to get in visits to our family before we leave, pack, prepare for the move, get the kids ready for a new school and so much all at once as I am sure you can imagine. 

No doubt, there are many we won't even be able to say goodbye to which truly breaks our hearts. But there is just no way for us to accomplish the proper good-byes everyone deserves. We will miss all the wonderful, wonderful friends we have made here. You will never, ever be forgotten and we owe you so much for all you have done for us the past 12 months. 

We will keep doubt about it! When we get settled, we plan to start blogging about our lives after my treatment ended and what all God has and is doing in our lives. We both feel this is tremendously important and something that needs to be talked about. No one and I mean NO ONE prepares you or warns you about this side of the story and we promise to be as raw and candid as we always have been on our blog.

Deryl & Kelley


  1. we gonna miss you, but rejoice in your blessing

  2. WOW! That is pretty amazing! Best wishes you you all on your new adventure.

  3. Kelley! this is amazing news & I'm thrilled to read your powerful blog!!!You know, we plan but God executes! I know we were supposed to get together some time last Fall but some things came up and my schedule became a little challenging....which I believe God knew was gonna happen. I wish you the best as you embark on this new journey to the place where your hearts are anchored. I promise to be in touch when I come back from Kenya this summer. I'm sure by then you'll have unpacked, found your way around town and settled from all the moving anxiety:) I love you and think about you often!! God bless you & your family Kelley! R. Nzembi~

  4. Atlanta! WOW - I spent the 90's there! What a beautiful place... So happy for your family and so happy I've had the chance to meet you all.

    Many Blessings! Michael H.