Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Breaking through

Well, I haven't posted in 6 weeks. That just isn't like me. Things have been really rough. I'm job searching. I have a job blogging which I love. Would love to do more of that or maybe something from home. Anyway, I had been really, really down in the dumps. Every day no matter how many prayers I said, how many scriptures I read or how many friends I called, nothing. I actually remember one other time in my life that this happened to me. I wasn't feeling down then, just wasn't feeling like I could find God anywhere. At that particular time I just told God I was going to grab hold of him and not let go until I could feel his presence again. I did and I got through it.

But I haven't experienced anything that has lasted this long before. Some time ago I blogged about JOY. God let me experience several days in a row maybe even about a week long of pure joy. It was the most amazing thing I have ever in my life experienced. Nothing and no one could take my joy. It was really an unbelievable, incredible experience. I woke up Monday morning and thought about that time in my life when I had that joy. I got up, took a shower and just got ready for the day ahead. I did my regular routine of reading the word and doing some devotions and I prayed. THEN, I decided that I was going to CHOOSE to stop being down! CHOOSE to think the right thoughts, CHOOSE to have a different mindset. It was a really good day. Today, I woke up and did the same thing again. It has been a wonderful, wonderful day and nothing special has happened at all. I dropped Rachel off at school and came home to start cleaning. I walked up the stairs and just stopped there feeling like I should pray. I started praying. The more I prayed the louder I heard myself getting.

I declared victory in my life, far and beyond favor over me and my family, I spoke life and complete restoration over us. I know it was God because so much poured out of me that I knew it was the holy spirit speaking through me. I raised my hands and I told Satan just where he could go! I claimed these things in Jesus name. I came downstairs and put on some upbeat worship music and ME, KELLEY started singing and dancing in my living room! If you know me you KNOW that is NOT me!! I was full of joy again. I have been SO happy today. I know victory is already mine. It isn't something I have to beg God for or hope I will have it. It is something I HAVE to claim and believe. THEN my faith can work!

Are you down or feeling depressed or hard on yourself? Are you at a time in your life where you can't feel God anywhere? Do you think you will never get through what you are going through because it seems impossible? Well let yourself have the rest of the day to have a BIG pity party for yourself. Do it up real good. Tell God how awful everything is and just how stinkin' unfair it is. Write about it then throw it away or burn it. Get real mad or cry your eyes out or do both!!!! Go to bed and in the morning DECIDE this is it! CHOOSE to have a better day. Make a CHOICE to take action and do something different today because what you have been doing is NOT working. And know that I am praying very much for all of you who God is speaking to through this post!!

Love you all!

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