Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Prayer request!!!!!!!!

Here is one of my very favorite quotes. "A person who lives in faith must proceed on incomplete evidence, trusting in advance what will only make sense in reverse" Phillip Yancey

Remember when I posted about my whole identity theft drama? If you didn't read it and are interested, the title is "Identity Theft" you can just scroll down on my blog and look for it. Anyway, when all that happened I was 100% sure that God had allowed that to happen because of something bigger. I thought to myself how what if I were to go volunteer or work for the American Caner Society (which is a dream of mine) and they did a background check. How EMBARRASSING! I might not have even got the job and might not have even known why!

I just knew in my heart that as shocking as it was to find this out and especially to find out the work it was going to take me to get it worked out that somehow God was in it. My biggest thought was that wherever I did end up working or volunteering, they were going to do a background check and I needed to have that worked out in advance.

Since moving to our house at the end of June I have been applying for admin jobs. Of course I was secretly hoping that I would not get an interview because I really wasn't sure I wanted to go back and work in the corporate environment. My vision is to fulfill my help women. If I had everything I dreamed of I would work directly with newly diagnosed Breast Cancer patients and I would coach women after their treatment ends.

Well, early sometime this month I just decided totally random that I would do a search in the admin jobs section of Craigslist on "Christian Ministry". Can you believe that something came up titled exactly that in a city near where I live!?!?!?!? I go check it out and I meet all the requirements and have all the skill sets except for maybe one thing that I totally know I can learn very quickly. But the real kicker is that at the bottom it said you have to undergo a background check! WHOA...when I saw that, I just knew that this was for me.

So early last week I went in for my 1st interview and it went great. I have my second interview on September 16th. I must say that I hated the fact that I had to tell them about the identity theft and then I had to give them a letter from the District Attorney in Dallas with all my fingerprints on it to make a copy of. I think the reason that part bothered me so much is that when people don't know you they really have no idea if you are telling the truth or not. But, I just was very honest about everything knowing that if it was meant for me to have this job, then it would be mine.

The funny thing is that on Monday of this week I really started to pray for this organization that God would send the right person to them even if that person isn't me. Then today, I got the e-mail about my second interview! They are a non-profit that helps underprivileged people to get back on their feet. But one of the most incredible things is that they also have a ministry called "Ladies of the Light". These women have gone from being "Ladies of the Night" to "Ladies of the Light". They help them make jewelry so they can support themselves!! I just think this is so incredible!! What an amazing thing to do. Growing up in poverty myself I just couldn't believe every page I went to on their website brought tears to my eyes. I wondered how much my life might have been different if there was something like this for me and my mom.

So anyway, I am asking for you to pray that I will do a good job at my second interview on Sept. 16th at 10:00 my time which is 9:00 Central. That God would speak through me and give me wisdom and that if I am the person for the job, it would be very evident to them. But that if I am not the person for the job that they would choose the perfect person that would be loyal to them for many years to come and do a great job. I do hope that it is me but I know that if it is not, God has something else that is perfect for me and my purpose.

I just love that song that says "I don't want to sit around and wait for someone else to do what God has called me to do myself. Oh, I could choose not to move but I refuse" What is God calling YOU to do????

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  1. Kelley,
    Those are such powerful words to hear! God is so amazing to me that he equips each of us differently and then pours our hearts with desire for specific needs! I prayed that the interviewer saw a perfect fit for their company in you!