Saturday, July 13, 2013

The best Mother's Day ever!

Where in the world do I start? I guess I'll start by telling you the miracle that happened to me and the girls on Mother's Day. We went over to my best friend's house and went to church with her. I know the pastor and his wife personally and adore both of them and their whole family.

At this time, I had been waking up each and every single morning scared to DEATH and shaking, for months. I had major panic attacks EVERY single day. Well, when I went to church that day, it was just exactly what I needed to hear. After the service I decided to go up for prayer. The pastor's son prayed for me first. Then the pastor's wife prayed for me. The strangest thing is that I really didn't feel anything or have any kind of "supernatural" experience.

When I had walked up for prayer, the girls were waiting for me in the pew. The pastor's wife spoke so many awesome things over me and said a really good prayer but I still didn't "feel" anything. When we were done and I went back to my seat, I realized that the girls had gone up for prayer as well! I turned around and they were crying, I was crying, it was just a big cry fest!! Rachel looked at me and said that this Mother's Day could have ended up very, very different had God not shown up on the scene of our lives. (more to come on that later)

The pastor prayed over the girls while he was holding onto them tight. He looked them both straight in the eyes and told them how awesome they are. He told them that it doesn't matter what their earthy father does at all because God loves them SO much and that HE will NEVER, EVER leave them or forsake them. From that day forward, every morning I would say out loud, "Thank you Lord for healing me, delivering me and for setting me free. From that day forward, all three of us have truly been set free. I guess we just had a divine "God" moment where we totally and completely felt his mercy, his grace and his overwhelming love for us.Since that day, not one of us have been the same.

Ya know, I know I have SO very much within me that I have yet to blog about out of fear of the whole world knowing my junk. But most of you here already know my junk! But, there is so much that makes "me" well.....ME. I know I have within me the ability to change people's lives in profound ways. I know I am supposed to leave an everlasting mark on this world. I know God is calling me to HUGE things. I'm just waiting. But sometimes I feel afraid for some reason. I think it is because I have known all these things for so long but now I feel in my spirit that its much closer than I thought to becoming a reality.

I know there are very many deep, deep areas that I can so relate to and minister to people about. My heart is truly, truly, truly for everyone reading this and so many others. There is NO way that I will let ANYTHING stop me from sharing my story and experiences with others. My heart is to help, encourage and give people hope. I'm finally on the other side of some things I couldn't for the life of me see ever getting any better. I was completely 100% hopeless. I was in the darkest place of my ENTIRE life and by just hanging on, I got to see and experience some amazing things.

I just want to say thank you for those of you who send me messages when I don't blog and you ask me to. I'm so, so, grateful and honored by that. Please know that you have my permission to contact me through my blog at ANY time. I'm here for you. You can send me a message anonymously if you need to. Share your stories with me. I'm just a person somewhere across the world that you don't even see. I truly want to help you. I know so many people struggle with MANY different things. It may be your finances, the loss of a loved one, problems in your marriage or difficult situations at work. It may even be deeper than that. It may be that you are at the end of your rope and think you cannot make it through the next 24 hours. Whatever...and I mean WHATEVER it may be, you can reach out to me. I desire so deep within me to let the things I have personally gone through to help others get through what they are going through. SO, hit me up! I'd love to hear from you. Really......I do!! And you won't be bothering me at all. I really helps me when I get to help others. Being able to help you takes my mind of of my own stuff.        

Will you do me a favor and share my blog with your friends? Thanks so much.                                                                                                                 

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