Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Moving On?

Deryl says - I think I have not been blogging as often because I have not had much to say about our journey through cancer. Kelley finished her chemo treatments, her prognosis is very good, and all we have left to do is her reconstruction surgery and we are finished hopefully for good. In my mind I have moved on. I had all of my emotional breakdowns throughout the more difficult parts of the journey. What I realized though is that Kelley had not moved on when I had. She is in a better place now but I still don't know if she has processed all of this emotionally yet.
As I mentioned I was ready to move ahead. Life was going back to as close to normal as it could. But I had to wait for awhile. I could not move on yet. I wanted to wait for Kelley to be ready to move ahead. I am not sure exactly when that will be. But I don't want her to feel as if she has to rush though anything. This has been way more personally devastating to her than it has to anyone else. I want to make sure she has the opportunity to process everything. I have heard many stories of family members saying the treatment is over so it is time to move on. But the one who actually had the cancer was still in the middle of it emotionally. Wondering if the cancer will come back or did they really get it all? Did I really just go through this? It is easy for others to move on but not so easy for the actual cancer survivor.
The bottom line is we could all be more compassionate and patient and not be in such a rush to move our loved ones on. I am not saying that we should stay stuck but we should allow our loved ones the time to grieve their losses. I hope I am doing it well for my wife and hopefully if you are going through this you can do the same for your loved one.

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