Monday, October 4, 2010

Rethink Possible

Kelley says.............

Today I saw AT&T's new slogan..."Rethink Possible". So I did. I thought about how many things I think about each day where I may not say that I think something is impossible but that is sure what the conclusion would be if I told you the things I was thinking. This really hit me hard since I've been doing my worry challenge. I find myself thinking about the future and all the ways things are not going to work out. This slogan really made me think about how I have to choose to think about the possible!! I love it! I've not been doing so well since my last treatment. I feel much, much better physically but not so great emotionally. I've NEVER been a fan of AT&T but this new slogan put me in such a wonderful mood today!!

Am I alone? Do you find yourself imagining how things might not work out in different situations in your life? Do you say you trust in God but don't really believe that "With God ALL things are possible" for YOUR life? I think every day we have to CHOOSE to trust him. So today, I am going to do just that!!

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