Monday, October 25, 2010

October Updates

Kelley says..............

Just wanted to give everyone an update. I'm doing better emotionally. I went and had lunch with another survivor today and that always helps so much. It helps me feel like I'm not alone in this and that I am in fact NOT going crazy. When I am talking with other survivors I feel so much passion inside my heart, I feel so alive and full of hope. I am actually thinking I should start a group of some kind. Not a support group I don't think, they can sometimes be depressing. But a time where we can all get together and just visit.

I have probably about 1/8 of an inch of hair. Woo hoo!! I really wanted to keep it bald until February for an event I am doing but I'm afraid it will just be way too cold. It is super soft. Last night I was holding a sweet newborn baby girl and her hair felt just like mine, only I think hers was a little longer!!

This Wednesday I go in for my 30 day follow-up with the oncologist. Then I won't have to go in for three whole months! My reconstruction surgery has finally been scheduled for November 22nd. It is just day surgery. Please, please, please pray that I DO NOT have to get drain tubes. They told me it is possible I will have to. But that he is really trying to do them less and less. So I am praying and believing that I will NOT have to get them. They were horrible and I can't even begin to say how horrified I would be to wake up from my surgery with them!! They are NOT my friend.

On another note, I have a dream of providing every cancer patient I meet with a hand-made hospital gown. When I was first diagnosed, I picked out the material and a friend of mine sewed it for me. I just loved it every time I went for an appointment and had my own pretty gown. When I went for my breast MRI early on, I had to wear a hospital gown. I can remember thinking to myself that there were people who have worn those gowns that have died. I didn't want to ever wear another one. Somehow it just takes away your dignity. I didn't want to feel like just another patient. Having my own gowns made me feel special, important. 

So, I am in need of fabric. It takes 3 yards to make a gown. If you have any fabric you would like to donate we would SO appreciate it. Please e-mail


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