Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Final Countdown

Kelley says.............

I only have about 30 hours left to wait for my reconstruction surgery. This is a surgery I am not nervous about AT ALL. This is one I can get excited about! I don't have to wait on test results. I won't wake up wondering if they got all the cancer out or if it was worse than they thought. I'll hopefully look more normal to myself. 

I was really hoping to go a size bigger but with all the problems I have had on my skin where the tumor was removed, and with how thin the skin on my chest is after my first surgery, I have to stick with the size I am at. So, I'll end up with the same size I was before all this mess. But I am thankful. I know there was a time that a mastectomy was the only option and reconstruction wasn't even heard of. So, I am very grateful that I have anything at all. 

Last night we spent family night with another family. This particular lady has a 4 year old and an 8 year old. I went over there without my scarf on and when I rang the doorbell I was wondering what the kid's were going to say about my hair. They both noticed right away and wanted to feel it. It was so cute. Anyway, they both seemed "extra" attached to me last night. Of course, I was just eating it up! Later in the night, the little boy who is 8 kept sitting right next to me and talking to me. I would see him just staring at me and looking at my hair. Then he says "Kelley, when your hair comes back I just know you are going to be so beautiful". Is that so darn sweet or what? It just made my night......from an 8 year old! 

You see, me and these children have something in common. We have both lost a parent to cancer. But to look into the eyes of a 4 and an 8 year old who have lost their daddy, that just breaks my heart into pieces. But they were so much fun and we had a blast spending time with them!

So pray that all goes well with my surgery Monday morning! It is at 7:00 and will be about 2.5 hours. Pray I will have a smooth and quick recovery and that all my nurses and such will be awesome. And also that getting the IV in will be a breeze with no problems whatsoever!! Deryl isn't feeling well so I am also praying that I will not get whatever he has. I sure don't want to be sick AND trying to recover.



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