Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Excitement Brewing!!

Kelley says.......

For anyone who doesn't know and a friend from church are starting a sewing ministry. We're going to call it "Sewing for TaTa's". When I was first diagnosed, this friend made me two hospital gowns to wear to all my doctors appointments. I always got compliments on them and it just made me feel special that I got to bring my own gown rather than wear those old worn out ones they give you to wear. 

We have had several people donate material to our ministry. I have started talking about this more and more and on December 22nd, a package arrived at my house. A lady from church who knew I was in need of a portable sewing machine had purchased a brand new sewing machine for me and had it delivered to my house!! Then on Sunday at church, two ladies who love to sew told me they would absolutely LOVE to help us sew. SO, we will be getting together once a month to sew hospital gowns for breast cancer patients!

Even my plastic surgeons office wants some! I am getting so excited. I also found out today that I can volunteer here in Arlington at a cancer center starting next month instead of having to drive to Ft. Worth. That is such exciting news for me because I will be able to volunteer much more often.

I am still feeling the JOY!! I was going to make a video blog about it but just haven't had the time. But I will soon so you guys can see my hair!

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year's!!


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