Sunday, January 23, 2011

Clear vision

Kelley says......................

For most of my life I wore either contacts or glasses to see. About 6 years ago, I had Lasik surgery. My vision was so bad that I was right on the border of my eyes being too bad to even having the procedure done. They told me going into it that I could possibly have to get it done twice. Well, they were right. I had to have it done a second time 1 year later. It was great for about 2 more years and then I could tell my vision was no longer clear and sharp. 

Last year I got glasses to wear at night because I could no longer drive at night. They worked great but I have always hated wearing glasses. The more I wore them, the more I realized how much I needed them. So last week, I decided to just go ahead and go get contacts. I found myself getting really bummed out. I mean, I have a really weak stomach and Lasik surgery is really gross. The thought that I had gone through this two times and here I am having to get my vision corrected with lenses was just really frustrating. 

But as I looked for another perspective I thought of what a miracle it is that I "can" see. I may not see 20/20 but I can see. If there was an emergency in the middle of the night and I didn't have time to grab my glasses or put on my contacts, I "could" drive if I had to. I can go to the pool or the water park and not have to worry about glasses or contacts ever again. When I wake up, I can see my alarm clock. My vision was so bad before Lasik that I couldn't do any of these things before. What a blessing!

As I started pondering these things I started thinking about this past year. How although I went through so much physically and emotionally, I am so radically changed spiritually. Someone told a breast cancer patient about me and we connected on the phone last night. Unfortunately, this ladies cancer has metastasized to her bones and it is just not a good situation. But I was able to talk to her for over an hour on the phone and hold it totally together. It was such a good feeling for me to actually be a support for someone else. When I first ever thought about helping other women I never saw myself reaching out to people who I know will die from this disease. But then God really convicted me that I could help any woman at any stage of this terrible disease  because if they have the Lord, they have hope. I just kept holding onto that during our conversation. 

No matter what you might be facing, cancer or disease/sickness, divorce, debt, whatever it may be, if you have God......YOU HAVE HOPE!! Sometimes life can seem so overwhelming and sometimes like life would be so much easier on the "other side". Sometimes we get so stuck in the now that that is all we can focus on. It is during those times when we have let our thoughts take control of everything. If this is you, catch yourself.........STOP IT! And know that your hope can only be found in God.

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