Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Counts & Prayer

Kelley says..............

Well, this week I have felt really, really good and have gotten a lot of work done. The taste in my mouth is SO much better now. BUT, I have my next chemo on Friday, August 13th. Yep, Friday the 13th. Good thing I'm not superstitious. Also, my counts are usually down 7 days after treatment and then they start to go up. But the last time they went down two weeks in a row. 

So my prayer request is that my counts are back up on Friday and that I don't have to get a shot to bring them up. The shot is outrageous in cost and I hear it causes a lot of bone pain. I will only have one treatment left after this one, I don't want to get it since I've been fine up until now. Also, PLEASE pray for me that it will only take once to draw blood and to get the IV in!!!! Last week the lady did an awesome job drawing blood. 

Tomorrow I am supposed to get more saline added!! Yeah!! I must admit that it is going to be pretty stinkin' awkward to have bigger boobs every three weeks. But I guess it is just part of this journey. I think it will be just as weird when I go from wearing my scarves to having my hair back. Oh yeah, one more thing, I am supposed to go with another survivor Saturday to a Survivor's luncheon that I am really excited about. Please pray that I am feeling good enough to go!!

Thanks so much for all your prayers!!!!!


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