Sunday, August 15, 2010

Overcoming Fear

Deryl says........Kelley got her latest chemo treatment Friday. It went well and she only got stuck once when getting her blood drawn and once when they put the I.V. in. So we want to thank you for all of your prayers.
I have gone back and read some of the older posts we wrote when we started the blog. I read what I wrote and it feels as if it was written by another person. The hardest part of all of this was the initial diagnosis and then waiting period until we were able to start treatment. I was wondering why that part was the hardest for both of us and it hit me. We had this expectation of how life should be or how we wanted it to be. When we were diagnosed our expectations and desires vanished before us. I think our fear, anger, and depression stemmed from the fact that we were mentally and emotionally attached to living life a certain way. Things like not dealing with life and death illness at 40, Kelley losing her breasts, or her hair. Once I got past the fear of losing Kelley my biggest fear was how Kelley would react to losing her breasts and hair. When she was diagnosed she told me her biggest fear was losing her hair even more than her breasts. But I look back now and we spent a lot of emotionally energy fearing things that didn't happen and fearing things that did happen. But fearing them didn't change the outcome. What is really funny is that fearing those things were actually much worse than the actual events.  I mean she is modeling for websites bald now. How is that for overcoming fear.
The point I am trying to make is that if we could let go of the things we think we cannot live without we would be a lot more free and fearless.

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