Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Last Chemo/Worry Challenge Update

Kelley says............

Well, Friday was my last chemo treatment. Unfortunately, it took two times to get my blood drawn and two times to get the IV in. I have to go back for the next two weeks to get my counts checked and then two weeks after that to see the Oncologist. Then I think it is again in three months, then six months, then every year for five years. Of course, I will start seeing the plastic surgeon more often now that chemo is done. I'm hoping that moves along nicely so I can get that surgery done THIS YEAR!! 

This last treatment really wiped me out. I have been so tired. Last night I got really, really hot and then very dizzy. I felt like I was going to pass out. Just haven't felt great. But, I am still excited because I know each day will only get better and I know I don't have to go back! That was a bummer before. Just when I started feeling really well, I would have to go in for another treatment. But I am so very grateful that I only had to have four treatments. I know there are many people who have to endure an entire year of chemo!

I am speaking this Friday at a women's event at my church. I will be speaking on the "Prison of Perception". I'm really excited about it!! I fully trust and believe that God will speak through me to the hearts of the ladies and that I will feel totally fine to complete this task!!

I can't believe that today is day 17 of my worry challenge. It has been going great! I haven't even needed to use my "worry time". I have been able to cast my cares on God much easier than I would have ever anticipated. Any time I catch myself worrying about finances, I just say to myself..."We will have it when we need it". And God has provided!! We needed $800.00 in repairs done on my car. If you are following my blog, you know that my dog has needed surgery for almost 5 months now. Within one week, God miraculously provided the money for both!! I don't know about you, but I think this is a monstrous miracle!!!!!

It turns out that my dog's ACL was actually intact. But he has arthritis really bad and they had to do something else to the meniscus. They said he will most likely have problems with his leg throughout the rest of his life. And that he could end up lame. Well, I've never had a dog that I love more than this dog. He is the perfect dog. So, this news really broke my heart. But, I will still be praying for him and believing God will heal him and give him many more pain free years. 


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