Friday, June 18, 2010

Being in control

Kelley says............

Well, according to my calculations I will be completely bald in about 30 days. I have been wondering how traumatic this will be for me. In this whole journey so far, cancer has dictated my life so much. Even doctor's tell you when your appointments are, they don't ask when it is convenient for you. I usually have 2-3 appointment each and every week. I feel so out of control of my life. 

So when I was thinking about all of this, I had the thought that you know, I think I am going to be in control of exactly when my hair goes. I don't want to sit around and wait for it to come out and have to see it fall out in big clumps. That is just too much to handle for someone with all this hair! So, I have chosen to go tomorrow and get my hair cut into a cute short cut. Then after my first treatment, when I decide, my long time hairdresser is going to come over and shave it for me in the comfort of my own home. 

I think this will be a much easier transition for me. I'll have short hair and will have a few weeks to get used to that before it is all gone. I know some people don't lose their hair during chemo but the chemo used for breast cancer causes complete hair loss. I went to the doctor yesterday and they gave me a coupon for a free scarf at this store located inside Baylor All Saints where I had my surgery. Heather went with me. Turns out that someone had just donated a ton of scarves and stuff just the day before. I was supposed to only get one scarf for free. And all the cute ones cost so much that I had went in thinking I would buy one that I like and get the free one as well. I know God's favor must have been upon me because they let me have FOUR for free and I purchased one. So, I got 5 that I really like for $28.00!! I never thought I would be so excited about getting such a great deal on something. But that was really a blessing. 

I'll post a picture of my new hair over the weekend. Also, I did a video blog that is titled "My Story" at the top of the home page of my blog. I would love for you to share it with everyone you know to help me promote the importance of self-breast examinations. And I thank you tons in advance for helping me try to save the lives of other women. If it makes it easier, you can just send this link.


  1. I think you have a great idea with cutting your hair short first. I can't wait to see it!! And to get such a great deal on the scarves....wowser!! God is surely smiling on you sweet lady!!

  2. Oh how I love you. What I love about you is that you are pro-active, you plan ahead, and because of that you do make things easier on yourself. I struggle to find the words to say sometimes because I just went through this with Brittany. What I do know, is that she chose this same route and it was much more healing for her to do it the way you are talking about. And because of that, I think this is a terrific idea. When I saw you at church on Sunday all I could see was beauty and respect, and there is no doubt in my mind that everyone will continue to see that with hair or no hair. YOu are a true treasure in my life and I thank God for you. I love you.