Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chemo Bah Humbug! :(

Deryl says.....Well most of you know now that Kelley is going to have chemo. I intended to write a post on Tuesday but was just too tired. I was in a very bad mood as well. My last post was so positive and I was feeling really good but this was just a punch in the gut. I really thought we were going to be able to skip this part. And it really pissed me off that we are not. But it was probably a good thing that I did not post that day because it probably would have been very dark and whiny. Because that is exactly how I felt that day.
But I am feeling much better today. And although I am not happy about the fact that Kelley is going to have to suffer more than she already has I have accepted it now and am moving on to action. Thinking about what can I do to make things easier for her. Chemo starts on July 2nd and continues for 12 weeks. She will definitely lose her hair which was her biggest concern about all of this. So my biggest concern is how to make this easier for her emotionally. I will post again this weekend.

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  1. Deryl - can you send me a quick email so that I have your email address?