Monday, June 7, 2010

Free at Last, Free at Last!!!!

Kelley says...........

YIPPEE, YIPPEE!!!! I just got home from the doctor's office. I got to get my last two drain tubes removed!! I am so extremely excited. I feel like a free person again. I know, I know, they already warned me not to overdo it because I will pay for it. But, I learned my lesson the first two times I did that. So, I am definitely not going to do that again. But I am just so happy. It hurt pretty bad getting the one on the right side removed but it didn't last long. I still can't believe I endured those things for 20 whole days. 

But anyway, this is a happy, happy day for me!!!! I don't think I could have made it one more day living with those things without hurting someone!



  1. Yehaw!!! That is great news!!!

  2. Yipee!!! So glad to hear such great news!! God is so awesome, and I am so glad you didn't have to hurt anyone :)