Saturday, June 19, 2010

So far, so good

Kelley says..............

Well, I haven't had a breakdown yet. I wondered how today would go for me emotionally. I went back to work on Tuesday and that was really, really good. This week has been my best week yet. I have felt good emotionally for the most part and really good physically. 

If you have been keeping up with me on my blog then you know I have become a health nut. I haven't had any meat in a while and no sugar at all. Mainly just fruits and vegetables and fresh vegetable & fruit juice. One thing I have craved is steak. Since I have done so darn good with my eating and I am probably not going to feel so hot July - Sept I decided to let myself have a treat today. 

I went this morning and the greatest hairdresser in the world (Love you Trish!) cut my hair for me in preparation for Chemo. After that, we went to lunch with Deryl's mom. She treated us to lunch and I had a great steak!! Yum.....steak never tasted so good. Now we are home and are going to go to Cold Stone Creamery in a little bit for one last treat. Although I think I am going to allow myself to have whatever tastes good while I am in treatment. 

My prayer requests are that I will have little to no side effects with the Chemo and that it will do its job. Several of the side effects are things I already deal with so I want you to believe with me that God will supernaturally protect me from all of the awful things that "could" happen.




  1. Praying that God protects you from all the "coulds"!

  2. I LOVE your haircut. You are adorable.

  3. Love your new hair cut! Your in my prayers!

  4. My darling Kelley, I wish you could view yourself thru my son's eyes, your daughter's eyes and my eyes. Then you would see what a beautiful person inside and outside that you are. I so admire you for your bravery and positive attitude. I only hope if I ever walk in your shoes that I can handle the big "C" the way you are handling it. Just remember to be yourself and honest with your emotions. We don't expect you to be perfect and control all things. We just expect to LOVE YOU no matter what. I am always just a call away. Love & Hugs