Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Checking In

Kelley says...............

Well, I haven't blogged in a few days so I thought I should at least check in and let everyone know how I have been doing this week. Chemo was on Friday. I didn't feel too bad Friday and Saturday, just really tired. Sunday night rolled around and I felt horrible. Just kind of like I was coming down with a major bug or the flu. Monday, just tired. Tuesday I went to work and as the morning progressed I could feel myself getting more tired and more weak and like I had a fever. I came home and sure enough, I had a fever of 99.5 and couldn't get it to come down until later in the evening. Also on Sunday, I noticed I had broken out in a rash all over my chest, back and neck. It didn't itch or anything. I took Benedryl and it is better today. I've had stomach aches and a few headaches but really overall it hasn't been too bad. I think God is protecting me while the chemo is doing its job. And I know you guys are such awesome prayer warriors. Boy, God sure does hear your prayers! 

That just made me think to myself that you should believe that God will answer your prayers about your own situation as much as you are believing he will answer your prayers that you pray for me and my family. Hmmmm, that is a thought! It is always easier I guess to believe that God will come through for someone you love and care about. But I think he is wanting us all to see that there is real power in our prayers. We MUST lift each other up!! And thank you so much to everyone who shared a prayer request with me. That made me feel so good and I am so honored to be able to lift up your name in prayer!!

I will have hair for approximately 48 more hours. So far, I'm doing okay over it. Of course that is easy to say right now since I HAVE hair! Once I decided to make that night fun, I have had a sense of calm about it. I think it is all about not living in resistance. When I just settle in with what is happening and just realize that it just is what it is, it is easier. Besides, resisting or pretending it isn't going on won't help me any!! 

Love you guys!

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