Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hurting people

Kelley says...........

Okay, so I wasn't going to blog this story but a couple of people told me I really need to. On Monday I went to Sam's to pick up some pictures. I pulled into the parking lot and it was like you know, you drive on one side and you are supposed to only pull into a parking place on the right because the cars on the left are parked the opposite direction. Well, there was a close parking place on the left so I just cut it wide to the right to pull in it. I saw a woman and her little boy about to walk by through the space I was fixing to park in so I stopped to wait on them. Immediately, the lady literally starts walking slow as a snail. When she got up to the front bumper and closer to my passenger side window she raises her hand and motions to me how I wasn't supposed to be pulling into the parking space that way and proceeds to tell me off and just walks off. I said out loud in my car "YOU BITCH!!" I'm thinking, do you have any idea what I've been through the last two days?! I pull into the parking place and am thinking I am going to go TELL her what I've been through and she should have a little more compassion for people!!!! I wanted to take my scarf off and strangle her with it!!

Now I just have to tell you that I would NEVER EVER EVER call someone that much less think that about someone. It just came out of nowhere! I felt anger just rising up within me. I got out of my car and was walking behind her. When I felt all that anger as I was looking at her I thought you know......Hurting people, hurt people. I am NOT going to let this woman ruin my day and cause me to react rather than respond. I immediately knew I should just pray for her. 

I just said Lord, I pray right now for this lady that you would bless her beyond belief that your favor would be upon her all the days of her life, I thank you that she is the head and not the tail that she is the beginning and not the end. I pray you would protect that little boy and you would bring joy into her life. I pray Lord that she would never ever get cancer or any other deadly disease and she would always have a healthy life. At that moment all anger left my body. Literally, I felt total peace and all the negative emotion was completely gone. 

I can honestly say I have NEVER experienced something like this before which is pretty darn sad. There have been so many times in my life that someone has done something like that and I didn't react so nicely. In the past I would have stewed over that for days. I would have let it ruin my entire day! It just all comes back to the fact that you have NO idea what people are going through or what has just happened to them or what kind of past and/or current life situation they have going on. 

I hope this helps you today and that you will choose to respond with a genuine prayer the next time someone doesn't treat you justly.

Love always,


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  1. So I guess I should call the lady I put in a head lock and wrestled to the ground the other day to apologize... Oh wait, I can't call her the restraining order states it in paragraph C.

    :P So silly!

    Thanks Kelley again for inspiring me to be better I have been stewing over a similar situation and definitely tend to hold on to it for days on end and now I can let it go and pray for the person!

    Love you,