Thursday, July 1, 2010

My EVER evolving hair

Kelley says.................

Well, tomorrow I start chemo. I can't believe how fast time has gone by this week. All week I have been thinking about the Friday after next when I will have my head shaved. I have to admit, just thinking about it and imagining how that night will be is just stinking depressing!! Years ago, I was a hairdresser. I also did nails for many years and I still do my own. For as long as I can remember I have always gotten compliments on my hair. It hasn't mattered if it was super long, super short, red, blonde, curly, Texas "BIG", or whatever, people have always loved my hair and so have I. As women we don't usually think about our good qualities, we think instead about all of our shortcomings. You know like, I wish I was skinny like so and so or I wish I had bigger boobs or I wish my stomach didn't pooch out, I have big thighs, why can't I lose weight, I wish I was taller.....the list could go on forever. 

So as I pondered getting my head shaved and imagining a bunch of tears I just started thinking to myself, how can I make this fun? I mean, you just don't get this "opportunity" every day. How can I make the best out of this situation? Well, I have always loved Ellen's hair as well as Sharon Stone's. I always thought to myself that when I am older and finally do cut my hair I will get that haircut. 

My hairdresser is totally awesome and she loves my hair too! I can pretty much wear whatever haircut I want. When my hair is just starting to grow out after chemo she had the idea of starting with a Jamie Lee Curtis look until I have enough for the Ellen/Sharon look. SO, I thought why don't I have her take a before picture and then cut it into the Ellen cut and then take a picture. Then, she can cut it in the Jamie Lee Curtis cut and take a picture. Then she can do something really fun and take a picture and THEN shave it! I'm just going to make a night of it. I am sure there will be tears, no doubt. But this way there will be lots of laughter too. AND, I will feel like I get to "try on" the other cuts! Not many people get the chance to do something like this so I feel so lucky!!!! 

I'll be posting pics of the transformation next weekend.



  1. Making lemonade out of lemons...FUN! Humor. What wonderful strength!

  2. Kelley......i LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea of doing the different hair styles before you shave it!!! I'm sure there will be some tears along the way, but y'all will have so many giggles, too!! I love your positive attitude. You help all of us when you do that! God bless you sweet lady and remember your beautiful hair will grow back and be beautiful again!!! love you girl.......kc parenteau

  3. Oooh you are so right!!!! I have always been too scared to try something new....this will be awesome. You are so great. Oh so great.

  4. I can't wait to see all the pictures....I love those short styles too....I have always wanted a short pixie cut. Too fun!!