Sunday, July 18, 2010

Life, Kelley, and Cake.....All Sweet Things!

Deryl says......It has been a while since I have blogged anything. I think it may be because I am not as emotionally wrecked anymore. We are in the final phase of treatment and once chemo is over we are done. So since there are no more unknowns as far as treatment goes I feel as if we have survived the hardest parts. Kelley's attitude during this whole process has definitely made it easier for me to handle. My biggest concern all along was how she would react to losing her hair. So when she decided to shave it before it fell out I knew she was going to be fine. The fact that she was not clinging to anything and just accepting the situation for what it was has made it easier for everyone.
You have probably seen the pictures and can tell that she has a buzz cut at the moment. Well, her hair started falling out today. And instead of freaking she decided to shave the letter "K" on the side of her head before it all fell out. She was in the bathroom and came out to surprise me with the letter on the side of her head. But there was one slight little problem. Since she shaved the letter in the mirror when she came out and showed it to me it was a backwards "K". I wondered if she meant to do it that way so I asked her if she knew it was backwards. She just said "Oh my gosh!" and busted out laughing. We were both laughing until we were crying. We were laughing so hard that my daughter Heather ran into the room to find out what was going on. It is moments like that when I am so proud to be married to Kelley. She has never thought of herself as inspirational or even exceptional in any way. But I think she is finally getting a glimpse of how special she really is. The person that I have always known her to be. Although she has changed the only thing that has really changed is her recognition of her own strength and beauty.
I am so happy to see her realize just how much God loves her. Loving her so much that he would allow something like this in her life at this young age rather than let her live any longer thinking she was weak or not good enough. She is and has always been more than good enough. Finally she and everyone else is seeing the secret that God and I have known for so many years. That Kelley McElreath is a strong, wise, loving, and inspirational woman. A woman that has experienced so much trial and tribulation in her young life yet can laugh at herself. A woman who can look at the possibility of death and not become bitter and ask "why me?". A woman who can lose a child and a mother at a young age and not hold a grudge against God or life.
She has always amazed me and she just amazes me more everyday. I am so fortunate. I have a wonderful life. It is not perfect by any means and there are things that I want to change. But if this is as good as it ever gets I have no right to complain. I am blessed beyond measure in the places it matters most. In my soul and my spirit. I am loved and adored by my God, my wife, and my daughters. All of whom I adore back in equal measure. Anymore would just be icing on the cake.


  1. You know you are married to the world's greatest husband when your hair starts falling out and he says...."You are gonna look so hot bald!!"

  2. You are amazing Kelley! I am so glad that you are able to see what many others have for so long!