Saturday, July 31, 2010


Kelley says............

Well, when everyone told me who had been through chemo before that I would have to make myself eat I just assumed they meant because I would be feeling too nauseated to eat. So, when I had my first treatment I was hardly nauseous at all and didn't have a hard time eating at all. I had cravings like I was pregnant and everything I craved was junk food. The bad taste in my mouth was bad but not too bad. As a matter of fact, if I ate something it actually gave me some relief from the bad taste.

This second round has been much different. From the very first day of my second treatment the taste in my mouth has been horrible!! Words can't even describe it. I have been a lot more queasy this time and having to take a lot of nausea medicine. The only thing I can eat that tastes normal is Peanut Butter Captain Crunch, Ice Cream and Biscuits and Gravy. All of which I absolutely love but I am feeling so unhealthy and gaining so much weight!! And the bad taste is always there. Not one thing I drink tastes good and I have tried everything! So yeah, the bad taste is just so yuck. I keep trying to remember that I am half-way done with all of this but it still seems so far away. I can't imagine having this awful taste in my mouth all the way until September!!

So my prayer requests are that this bad taste would go away and that I will NEVER again have to be stuck more than one time for blood or an IV EVER, EVER, EVER!!!!!!!

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