Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Elephant in the Room

Kelley says...............

I took a shower this morning and washed my hair for a long time. Because I knew it would be the last time I would do it for quite some time. I was sure to put lots of hair product in, blow dry it and flat iron it the best I could. My hairdresser had a fabulous idea of doing another video blog of my transformation. I am so proud of myself that I edited the video all by myself!

You know, when I found out I had cancer and had to tell anyone it was so awkward. I didn't know how to say it and a lot of people didn't know how to respond. So, that got me to thinking of how awkward it will be for people the first time they see me without my hair. I really think that my video and pictures will help so everyone who knows me can take a good look and it won't be near as shocking. So when you see me, please don't feel weird. I'm still me! I will just look a little different. But hey, I really like it. I went and got a few scarves that I really like and a few people have given me some really pretty ones too. So I am set.

Let me know what you think about the video!!


  1. So, I was about to go to bed and I couldn't stop thinking of you so I decided to see if you had posted anything and I am SO glad I did. You freaking rock!!! I LOVE the video, and I KNOW that God will use it in a mighty way to touch someone!!!!
    YOu are beautiful, inside and out, and you know the hair thing wont make me feel weird one bit!!! But I think for others, you are so right, and this was a great idea!!!!
    Glad you guys had fun with it. I love you to pieces. See you soon.

  2. Sorry Kelley for posting anonymously these last two times. I am a dork and can't remember what I set as my profile! Anyway, I had such a great time with you last night doing your hair transformation. Thank you for allowing me to share something so intimate and personal with you. You inspired me each step of the way. I confess I was so nervous about being strong, but your strength, which I know comes from Him who loves you, made me strong. Who knew such a..., I don't know what to call HAVING TO shave your head type situation could be called, but who knew it could be so much fun! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do for you. BTW -- Steven Spielberg watch out! That video came out so awesome! I love you so much. Your sister in Christ Jesus, your friend and your life-long hairdresser! Trish

    P.S. I'm for team Jamie Lee Curtis!