Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day of the Biopsy

Kelley says......... Events that occurred on April 8th, 2010

I was so nervous about this appointment but yet ready to just get this done. It was going to be a needle guided ultrasound biopsy. They told me they would give a local and I wouldn't feel much. I was fine until I saw my gynecologist and she asked me if I had heard about those kind of biopsies. She said women have told her they were pretty painful. Then when I was in the waiting room, I overheard a lady who had just had the procedure done talking about how bad it hurt.

It wasn’t too bad of a procedure after all. It was a little painful at the end and if I would have been standing up I know I would have surely passed out! The doctor said that it was fibrous and he really thought it would come back benign; if it was, they would just leave it in and tell me to come back in a year. He patted my arm and said don’t let yourself get worried about this. Off I went to enjoy my weekend.

Up to this point, I had not told the girls anything was going on because I didn’t really have much information to give them. But after the biopsy I felt a lot more certain that everything was going to be fine. So when I got home that afternoon, I told them some of what was going on but that the doctor really thinks this is going to come back benign and I am going to be just fine. They both didn’t look like they really believed me and Rachel looked afraid. I reassured them that this was all going to be just fine.
This was on a Thursday and I was expecting the results to come back on Monday, April 12th.

We took them to see the new Miley Cyrus movie on Sunday night called "The Last Song". I had no idea that Miley's dad passes away in that movie. And her dad told her the exact words I told my girl's, "I'm going to be just fine, this is no big deal". When he said it my heart sank. I thought to myself "Oh God, please let those tests come back benign". I looked over at Deryl and I knew he was SO wishing we would have gone to see a testosterone filled movie and not this one! He didn't even want to see the movie in the first place but went with us because well, he is just so awesome like that!

Deryl says.......... When Kelley had the mammogram and sonogram and was told she would need a biopsy I still thought this was going to wind up being no big deal. It just could not go to that place in my mind where it could be anything other than a benign cyst or something of that nature. When I took Kelley for her biopsy the only time I got concerned was when she had been back there for over an hour and a half and I heard nothing. But Kelley sent someone out to tell me she was ok. As I researched this on the internet I just kept seeing this as no big deal.
That weekend we went to see The Last Song which was a movie about a father who dies of cancer. What a mistake that was! I normally do not like to spend money to go see a sad movie. If I had known what this movie was going to be about I would not have gone but there we were. We had just told the girls mommy was going to be fine, which is exactly what the father in the movie said before he died, then he turns right around and dies. Kelley and I were both concerned about how this would effect the girls if we got bad news. But it was too late now.

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