Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day of the Mammogram

Kelley says............ Events that occurred April 1st, 2010

Went to Solis Women’s Health Care and while I was in the waiting room filling out paperwork and read that the type of mammogram I was having was not routine. This was a digital kind. So, I just thought, well they want to do this because of the situation with my mom. They do the mammogram and I was thinking “Wow that was a piece of cake!” I was expecting it to be a lot more painful. I showed the technician where the lump was and she took a circle band-aid looking thing and marked it. Then told me they were definitely going to be doing a sonogram. She took me to the room and I laid on the table waiting for the doctor.
I laid there wondering to myself what in the world is happening right now. I came in for a single test and now I’m about to get a sonogram, this can’t be good. The technician who was helping to get everything set up for the doctor was a really nice girl. But she was suddenly talking non-stop and she wasn’t doing that in the mammogram room. She knew something that I didn’t know. I had a sick, gut wrenching feeling that this was not all going to turn out fine.
At that point all I knew to do was claim Isaiah 26:3. So I repeated it over and over and over. “I will keep in perfect peace all who trust in me, who’s THOUGHTS, are fixed on me” Shortly after I started quoting that scripture, the doctor came in to do the sonogram. When he was just getting ready to start he said that there was a tiny spot on the mammogram but it ended up being just fine. Then he told me that my mammogram looked fine and if I wouldn’t have felt the lump myself and pointed it out to them, they would have told me it looked great and to come back in a year.
Well, the sonogram did detect something “suspicious”. So, he said he really wasn’t sure what it was but most likely it was a benign Fibroadenoma which would just stay in there and is no big deal. But to totally rule out cancer, they needed to do a biopsy. They scheduled that for the following week on April 8th.

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