Friday, April 16, 2010

Ta-Tas...the Bearer of Bad News

Kelley says.......Have you felt your ta-tas today? I never did. Why? Because I was afraid that I didn't know how to do it right. I have seen the instructions and it looks so complicated! I mean seriously, lay on your back and put a pillow under your shoulder, you have to use certain fingers and in a certain motion. I'm not a doctor, how am I supposed to know if I am doing it right and how do I even know what in the heck I am really feeling for!!

Well, I am 40 years old and I knew that it was time to go in for a mammogram and also time to go get my pap smear done as well. Deryl finally has good insurance with his job and so what better time to go. With all this in mind, about 4 weeks ago I was in the shower and a totally and completely random thought came that I should do a breast exam. I just grabbed the soap and started feeling around on the right side first. Almost immediately I felt something. It was on the front kind of just below the nipple area. I went to the other side right away to see if maybe it was normal and on both sides. I couldn’t feel anything. So I went back to the right side to check again a little more thoroughly. Well, it was about the size of a frozen pea and it kind of felt like one too.

That night I mentioned to Deryl that I had found something and he felt it and said I probably need to get that checked out. I called my gynecologist the next morning and told her what was going on and I wanted to come in and get an exam and also have her check it out. You know, to see if it was anything to worry about. After pulling my chart and discovering that my mom was diagnosed at 51 and died at 53, they said you need to go in and have a mammogram then come here.

They gave me the number to call and make an appointment. I hung up and within a few minutes they called me back and had already made the appointment for me. The fact that no one even asked if that day was good for me or anything of that nature was a bit alarming. I really wasn't too worried about it at this point though because I am only 40 years old and in good health. Surely this couldn't be a big deal. Boy was I in for a surprise.

Deryl says........ When Kelley got out of the shower and told me she thought she felt something in her breast I thought nothing of it. When I felt the lump the thought flashed in my mind that this could be bad. But I quickly dismissed the thought suggesting she go to the doctor to have it checked out just to be sure. I thought nothing else of it. I guess I assumed that we live a pretty charmed life and something like cancer just isn't in the cards for us.
When she told me she had scheduled a mammogram again I fully expected everything to be just fine. These kind of things just don't happen to us. So far.

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