Friday, April 23, 2010

Fearing the Ta-Tas

Kelley says.....................................................I am really feeling like God is wanting me to share this today. I think there is someone who reads my blog who needs to hear this. For some women, doing a self-breast exam might be scary. As I talk to more and more women and ask them if they do self exams and discover how many say no, I also hear that some don't do it out of fear that they might find something. This is not good! If I would have been doing monthly exams all along I would have known what mine felt like. I would have noticed what was different. I would have caught this earlier, I have NO doubt in my mind. Yes, they say they are pretty sure I caught this early. But what if I could have caught it at the very beginning the lump started to form? I am begging you to do monthly exams even if it is scary. I feel I need to reiterate this, you don't have to know what you are feeling for or what you are doing. I did NOT know what I was doing!!!! But I found it right away the first time I did a self exam.

I have come to realize that just knowing that I am 40 years old and otherwise a very healthy person makes some women scared. I understand. I have a ladies group and we have been discussing "Fears" this semester. When we discussed "Fears of the Unknown" I said that this fear is contagious. And this just proves it. When we fear what we do not know and listen to others who might be going through trials it grabs a hold of us with all its might and tries to overtake us. Another example is like in this economy. If you know someone who's husband has lost their job it might make you fearful that your husband could lose his job. Or if you listen to the news about the economy too much you suddenly have no hope that it is really all going to be okay.

But you know what? If you get yourself around people who are positive and have a great attitude, you will find it so much easier to stay in the right state of mind to not "go there" with your thoughts. Psalm 34:4 says    "I prayed to the LORD, and he answered me. He freed me from all my fears". It says ALL my fears. That is so encouraging to me. God is awesome and it gives me peace just reading this scripture myself.

So read that scripture several times. Put your life in the palm of HIS hands and go "Feel the Ta-Tas"!!!!! 

Do it, Do it now!!!!

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  1. You are such an inspration Kelley!

    I get Brian to do my examination at LEAST once a month! LOL. Did I just say that outloud? Oh yes I did! :)