Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Parent Trap

Deryl says............................................. Today my concern is for my daughters. Heather has been so stoic. Whenever we ask her if she wants to talk about things she says she is fine. But I think it is getting harder for her to contain her emotions. Rachel has been open about her fear from the very beginning. When she heard her mother went to the doctor today with a fever she asked if mom was ok in a semi-panicked voice. Both of the girls are lashing out at one another from time to time. I am at a loss as to how I can help them. I try to engage them about what is going on but they don't want to talk about it too much. Tonight I just tried to speak calmly and tell them I love them. I had to get stern a couple of times. I just wish I knew what to do to help them.
With Kelley it is easy. I know what she needs and I do it. With Heather and Rachel it is not so black and white because they are not even sure what they need. I just hope I succeed at making them feel loved. I am trying to balance keeping the peace in the house and letting them vent. I get concerned that it will stress Kelley out too much if I let them argue too much. If you have any advice I would gladly receive it.

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  1. Deryl, Don't forget that the girls are also in the most hormonally fluxing time in their lives. Some of the lashing out is part of that. You would see it no matter what else was going on. As one of 12 kids with 6 of us being girls, I can tell you I remember my parents always asking us "Can't you just get along?" I feel sorry for my brothers during that time! Today, my sisters and I along with our mother and sisters-in-law actually make plans every year or so to go on a girls trip somewhere. We love each other today more than ever because we grew up together. By the way, we still snipe at each other once in a while, even today. It doesn't change how much we love each other. I would be more worried if they were overly polite to one another! I love you guys so much and along with everyone else, you are in our family's prayers.