Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lunch with a Survivor

Kelley says............. Events that occurred on April 14th

I went to have lunch with a friend who is a breast cancer survivor. She gave me a couple of books to read so I would have more information. She also gave me a beautiful bracelet that I will wear forever. Every time I look down at it I picture her alive, full of life, and healthy!!

While she was telling me some of what to prepare for I got so scared. I was very fearful and afraid. But I ended up being thankful that I had someone to kind of help me understand what is happening to me. I felt more informed and able to make better decisions. I looked at her sitting there “ALIVE” and that gave me hope.

One of the books she gave me was by Sally Knox. When I talked to my sister recently, she told me that was my mothers doctor!! And it was also my friends doctor. I thought that was so cool. But of course I couldn't have been happier that I was going to someone totally different and in a different city because I didn't like my mom's outcome!!

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