Monday, April 26, 2010

Surgery Update....and what a difference a day makes.

Deryl says..............................Kelley's surgery date has been changed to May 18th. We still are not sure what type of surgery she will be having as we are waiting on the genetics test. I will post it as soon as we know anything.

By the way, today has been a much better day for all of us. Thanks for all of you encouragement and prayers. We love all of you.

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  1. Dear Kelley:

    I have searched for words to tell you and Deryl how much I admire and love you. So I will simply tell you. I love you both with all of my heart!

    Daily, I think of you and I am praying. I sense that God is doing far more in your lives than a work of healing in your body. He has trusted you to make a difference in the faith of many and when you guys took on the task of being "life coaches" He took you at your word.

    Joel leaves for Tanzania Friday for two weeks. This trip has been marked on God's calendar before the foundation of the world was established. So it is with you and Deryl. No surprises there...His plans and ways are perfect.

    More later...Forever, Sally