Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's a Party Party Weekend!

Deryl says......We got good news today. The cancer is stage 1 and grade 1 which is the best we could hope for. They are going to run another test before they determine if Kelley will need chemo or not. I was a nervous wreck in the hours prior to our appointment. As soon as we got the news it was like a ton of bricks fell off of my shoulders. She also got two of the drain tubes removed which will improve her comfort level immensely.

I never really thought I was concerned about Kelley living or dying until we got the good news today and I realized it must have been weighing on me. Because I feel elated. It is such a relief. We are by no means through this yet but this news gives us such wonderful hope.

On a funny note, Kelley has been unable to shave under her arms since the surgery. The other day she noticed how they looked and totally freaked. She thought it was totally gross. I told her she looked European but she wasn't buying it. We forgot to ask during the appointment so we had to call and leave a message. We were driving back home when we got the call and she was told that she could in fact shave under her arms now. She hung up the phone and with the biggest grin looked at me and said "you can have sex with me now". Well I could have wrecked the car we laughed so much. Of course that would be a miracle right now but it was fun to think about! Much love!

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