Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Surgery Decision

Kelley says............

After literally weeks of consideration. Talking with doctors, researching, praying, crying, talking to others who have been in my position, I have finally come to a conclusion. There is no doubt that a lumpectomy would be the easiest route for me to take. Much less surgery, less trauma on my body and I wouldn't be out of work as long. But when I really, really think about it, if I decided to go with that type of surgery and someone were to ask me if I felt good about that decision, I would not be able to say yes. When I think of only having the lumpectomy, I don't have any peace about it.

The fact that my mother and her mother both had breast cancer and my mother died from this, regardless of the genetics test, how can I not do every thing in my power to prevent a recurrence? When I said out loud to Deryl that my decision is to have the double mastectomy, as weird as it sounds, I felt happy. I felt a sense of calm and peace come over me. When I realized that this would change my surgery because the plastic surgeon would now have to be involved, I panicked. I called my doctor and she said I may have to reschedule surgery again! I just cried out to God and really believed in my heart that he was hearing me. I asked him to work this out for me. It really seemed impossible because I had to get in for a consultation with the plastic surgeon, make my decision on reconstruction, go back to see the breast surgeon and go in again to see the plastic surgeon and do all of this before next Tuesday!!

My surgeon called me last night at 6:30 and I started putting this into motion. Absolutely everything worked out. She got me in to see her at 1:00 today. I was scheduled to see the plastic surgeon tomorrow at 3:30. I just kept praying for God to work this all out. The plastic surgeon's office called me and asked if I could go ahead and come in today! So, I went to see him at 2:00. AND, my surgery date is still the same. They are actually moving other people's appointments around to make this happen. Is that amazing or what?!

The unfortunate news I found out today is that because of me getting this at such a young age, I will most likely have to get Chemo after all. But I am not letting that worry me right now. I am just going to focus on getting through the surgery and worry about that later. I can only be concerned with what I know now and that is the surgery.

So, my new prayer request is that I have peace and that surgery goes extremely well. That both surgeon's do an excellent job and that I have a speedy recovery with NO complications. And as always, for Deryl and the girls as we travel this journey. And above all, that God's will would be done and accomplished in all of this.

Deryl says....... Well I am relieved that she made this decision. I went back and forth on which direction I hoped she would take. I tried to stay as neutral as possible and not influence her decision. Because ultimately it is her body and her choice. I was planning on titling another post "   Hey Doctor Give Me a Mastectomy..... and Make it a Double"   but Kelley thought that was too long for a title. There have been so many people who have been such a blessing to us during this time but I want to give a special shout out to Byron and Shai Mitchmore. We have only recently gotten to know them and they have gone above and beyond to be a source of support and compassion and in ways you cannot imagine. Thank you all for your prayers and support.


  1. Kelley,
    I am so proud of you!! I can't imagine how hard that decision was to make, but if you felt peace about it then it is the right decision. God pulled everything together for the good...isn't it just amazing!!! My friend you are going to inspire so many women with your courage, strength and transparency. When we walk in November you will be a shining example to those around you of the power of God. Love you!!!

  2. Oh Kelley! I completely agree with you! I am so glad you heard God speaking to you! I would do the double mascectomy also. You are an amazing woman! I love you and will continut to lift you up in prayer!!

  3. Wow. Yesterday All I could pray was that you would feel more peace about one of the choices. I would try to pray something else, but I just kept coming back to the same words..."God, give her peace when she thinks about the one that you want her to do."

    I think it's awesome that you just wrote that and I am so thankful that God continues to show you that He is running this show and that you are in HIS hands. I love you dearly.

  4. Kelley,
    I have been praying for your peace everyday this week. I am so glad you have been talking to Shai. What an inspiration she is! I love your faith, and I love how God is making Himself so real to you. Thanks for being so real about your journey.

    I have so much hope for you! Here are some promises from God...
    "You shall not die, but LIVE and declare the works of the Lord!" Psalm 118:17

    "For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds." Jeremiah 30:17

    He has already given you a BOLD faith - and now He is giving you a BIG mouth to share your journey with others!

    I am so proud of you!