Saturday, May 8, 2010

Super Kelley is Super Fly!

Deryl says......Well we got more good news with the results of the genetic
testing. Kelley did not test positive for Brac 1 or Brac 2 which are the
names of the genes that determine if you are predisposed to breast cancer
or not. It is really good news and means that Kelley will most likely not
require a double mastectomy. Kelley was subdued when we discussed the
results. There was a kind of mindset that with a double mastectomy it would
mean the cancer would be gone forever. With a lumpectomy it kind of feels
like the treatment is not final. The weird thing is that although neither
of us want Kelley to go through the removal of both breasts we both felt as
if it would give us more peace about the future. Which seems kind of
ridiculous as I write this. But then again what is peace of mind worth?
One thing I do know is that Kelley is more free and purposeful. She dances
in public places which she never did before. She is more openly
demonstrative of her love. And she is more determined than ever to have a
positive impact on women's lives. The way she has handled this and how she
has let it change her for the better is inspirational. Those of you who
know her know exactly what I mean. For those of you who don't know her I
can only hope you get the opportunity. Knowing her and knowing how much she
cares for each person she get the opportunity to know better can change
their lives. Any of you who know me well know that I have had a bittersweet
relationship with the church. However, Christ and his message of love have
always been a great source of hope and strength for me. I bring that up to
say that Kelley's demonstration of unconditional love to so many has
motivated me to be more conscious and aware my words and actions and
whether they are motivated from love or fear. And she has done this at an
even greater level while going through the most frightening experience we
have ever had in our marriage. And then she looks so hot I think she is too
beautiful to be sick. Maybe she is Superwoman and I don't know it or maybe
she is just superfly with her crazysexycancer.

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