Thursday, May 20, 2010

There is no Place Like Home

Deryl says.......We are waiting for the doctor to come by and release
Kelley today. The surgery went well and she is recovering nicely. She is in
a lot of pain at times but she is handling it well.
The day of the surgery was the worst for me and Kelley. She spent much of
the morning crying and nervous. And I spent it as a jumble of nerves. It
was the most anxious I have ever felt in my life. Even more than when my
preemie daughters were in ICU and on life support. At least then I did not
know it was coming. We have known about this for awhile. It was like a
crescendo of nervous energy that has been building for over a week. As soon
as she was out of surgery and I knew she was ok it all left. But before
that I was fidgety and pacing about.
There are so many points during this journey when you think to yourself "I
cannot believe this is happening". Not in a "why me" way. Instead it just
feels surreal. With cancer you don't look sick or feel sick in the
beginning. There is nothing tangible. There are just pictures you don't
really understand and words from the doctor pronouncing cancer over your
loved one.
Kelley looked so healthy she practically glowed before surgery. That glow
is gone for the moment but you can see the brightness in her eyes
increasing everyday. And she is healthier today than she was Monday.
Recovery is going to be difficult for Kelley. I can see that already. It is
a "two steps forward and one step back" process. She will live and feel
fine eventually. And that is what is most important.
We have had so much support. Friends and family came to our house before
surgery to pray for us. And then more came to the hospital and stayed most
if not all of the day. Kelley loved seeing all of those people. It
encouraged her greatly.
Kelley has handled this amazingly well. She is so sweet and calm with
everyone. Even when she is in great pain she is sweet and endearing to
everyone who comes in to visit. She has had her picture taken with all the
nurses and doctors. I will post a couple of pictures later.

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